The aims of the project

The mission ”Lituanica 80” was aimed to reach the following goals:

  • To complete the preparation for the scientific experiments of Lithuanian Space Association and Kaunas University of Technology. The experiment will enable to test  the  piezo motors’ activity in  space. The position identification equipment and  data processing algorithms will be tested, which will create a technological medium for the future missions. The tests in space conditions will provide valuable insights, which  will be the last milestone in the path from the idea to production.
  • To research and to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in design and construction of nano satellites and to test the new ARM-based main board.
  • To promote the cooperation between scientists and engineers in order to generate innovations of space technologies in Lithuania and to apply them in industry.
  • To motivate science and engineering enthusiasts, to inspire the youth to create and to work in Lithuania.
  • To initiate cooperation between science and business at the national level.